Edward J. Keller
The Center for Transformative Media   director    http://ctm.parsons.edu 
AUM Studio  partner / principal   http://www.aumstudio.org
office/voicemail:  646.207.5989	kellere [at] new school [dot] edu	

Associate Professor, School of Design Strategies				07.09 - present
Director, Center for Transformative Media					08.12 - present
Responsibilities as CTM director include:
developing & coordinating all lectures, conferences and events; identifying 
& working with fellows; directing external collaborations and related courses; 
internal univ. divisional collaborations; budget; publications & editing; 
online presence and identity.

Parsons: Associate Dean of Distributed Learning and Technology		08.10 - 07.12
Columbia University GSAPP: Adjunct Associate Professor			01.98 - 05.10
     3rd Year MArch + AAD Graduate studios + seminars + AAR advisor 		
Pratt Institute: Adjunct Associate Prof., Undergrad & Grad Architecture	 	09.04 - 05.10
SCI-Arc: Fulltime faculty & MediaSCAPES M.DesR founder/coordinator	2007 -  2009
SCI-Arc: Graduate Vertical Architecture studios + seminars			01.04 - 2009
FIU: Paul L. Cejas Eminent Scholar Endowed Chair				01.07 - 03.07
Univ. of Pennsylvania:  Visiting faculty, Grad. Arch. & Landscape seminars	09.03 - 12.06
Parsons: Adjunct Graduate Architecture seminars				09.02 - 12.06
Pratt Institute: Adjunct, Undergrad Architecture			 	09.98 - 05.99
Parsons:  Adjunct, MFADT Program - Digital Design studio			09.98 - 12.98
Bennington: Undergraduate Visual & Performing Arts seminars			03.97 - 05.99
Rensselaer Polytechnic: Adjunct Undergrad Arch. studios + seminars		08.96 - 05.99

ACADEMIC Administration & Service
The New School/Parsons  
New School workgroups and Univ. committees 					08.12 - 12.13
   Milano; SIP Lab; Dataviz program dev; Univ. Facilities
Parsons committees while Assoc. Dean						08.10 - 07.12
   P3, LMS, PLC, DOLC, ACC, PGC					
Parsons faculty and admin search committees 					2010  -  2011
   SCE 2010, AMT/CD 2011, Deans’ office 2011				

SCI-Arc: MediaSCAPES M.DesR program founder/coordinator		2007 -  2009
 responsibilities included: acting as primary design and theory faculty; 
 developing and coordinating all curriculum; faculty selection; lecture series; 
 admissions; accreditation; external collabs

Columbia Univ. GSAPP 
  Admissions cmte., AAD M.Sc program	 				2000 -  2004
  Chair, Curriculum and Infrastructure Committee		 		1999 -  2002
  Acting Director, AAD M.Sc program	 					2000 -  2001OFFICES as FOUNDER & PRINCIPAL
AUM Studio: co- founder / partner with Carla Leitao			2003 - present
architecture, interactive + locative media           					
residential projects [built, Portugal]; expanded cinema installations 
architecture, urban design & new media competitions

a.CHRONO: founder / principal / creative director				1997 - present
design research practice; interactive + online media, audio, film, video, 
architecture. 2002-06: ORNAMENT MMOG; Beijing Biennale 2005; HDV films

straylight imaging and design: founder / principal			05.92 -  2003
architectural design and imaging; CGI; game design				

Professional:  ICARCH [head of jury, ‘House for Pink Floyd’, 2013], FEIDAD, EVOLO
Academic: Architectural Association London - SCI-Arc - Harvard GSD - Yale - 
U.Penn - Rice - RISD - GSAPP - Parsons - RPI - Cooper Union - UCLA - Pratt - 
Bennington - Cornell - Princeton - Angewandte Vienna 

Columbia University GSAPP: M.Arch			  			05.94
Juilliard School of Music: extension division  	 				1985	
Simon's Rock College of Bard: B.A. (music)  					05.85

TEACHING [2010-14]
Future of Guitar and Instrument Design collaboration/seminar SP2014
	principal faculty, course author.  sponsor/collaborator: Strandberg Guitars
Post Planetary Design SP2012, 2013, 2014
	principal faculty, course author. research/theory seminar, cross divisional
Miami New World Symphony collaboration seminar FA2013
	co-taught with Saavedra and Percifield. sponsor/collaborator: New World Symphony

Design For This Century FA 2011, 2012, 2013
	Guest lecture and recitation leader	
Global Issues in Design FA2012, SP2013
	Guest lecture and recitation leader	

TEACHING 1996-2010 [Columbia GSAPP, SCIArc, UPenn, Parsons, etc] available on request


Post Planetary Capital symposium						03.14
	co-organizer [w/Ben Woodard]; speaker

CTM Guest Lectures 			 					2013-14
  http://ctm.parsons.edu/   yearly guest and fellows lectures at CTM/Parsons

The Future of Guitar and Instrument Design Lectures			2013-14 
	year long lecture and performance series at CTM/Parsons

Nietzsche Workshop iv, CTM hosted conference				03.13

Future of Security conference							10.12
	organized by PIIM/Goranson and CTM/Keller [moderator]

Google/Arctic/Mars symposium						05.12
  http://mim.io/fef492 	speaker and organizer [w/B. Bratton, G. Manaugh]

Mobility Shifts: conference organized by Trebor Scholz at The New School	2011
	track co-chair/moderator, DIY U: Learning Without a School?

Transhumanism Meets Design						05.11
  organizer & co-chair [w/N.Vita More]; speaker	

Cyclonopedia Symposium							03.11
  organizer [w/ N. Masciandaro, & E. Thacker]; speaker

Design and Existential Risk Lectures [10 evenings]				08.10-12.10
  http://designexrisk.wordpress.com/ 	organizer and moderator

Shockwave Riders: Collective Intelligence conference, Parsons	  	11.09   
  http://collectiveintel.wordpress.com/  organizer, moderator

GSAPP, SCIArc & Cornell:    three agentCODE symposia			11.06 - 04.07
  http://agentcode.wikispaces.com/   	organizer, speaker, moderator

Aspen Satellite Conf. NYC:     Ambient : Interface  				07.04
  co-organizer, moderator

LECTURES, CONFERENCES, SYMPOSIA [keynote or major talk]

Apps and Affect, Western Univ, Ontario: keynote: ‘Post-Planetary Sublime’	10.13
We Will Show You Film in a Handful of Dust, RPI/EMPAC colloquium		07.13
A.C.Clarke Center, UCSD  Inaugural symposium: ‘Biopolitical Century’		06.13
Designing Geopolitics 2012, DGP at UCSD, panelist				06.12
Bartlett School of Architecture, London, UK					04.12
  ‘Massive Addressability and Post Planetary Design’
Nietzsche Workshop at Western iii, UWO, Ontario keynote			11.11
  ‘A Semi-Animate, Crystalline Existence’
PROTOECOLOGICS conference, Rovinj Croatia				08.11
  https://vimeo.com/29252020 	‘The Logic of an Endless Living Desert’
Designing Geopolitics 2011, UCSD DGP					06.11
  http://youtu.be/-UgEIrebe68 	‘Alien, All Too Alien’
GDNYU-  Elsewhere Envisioned, NYU					05.11
  ‘Massive Addressability: Geoscape 3.0’
Parsons Transhumanism Meets Design					05.11
  https://vimeo.com/49524975 	‘What is a Body? What is Life?’	
Cal Poly San Luis Obispo:   Research Practice symposium 			05.09     
IIT Chicago: ‘Networked Cinema: the New Last Machine’			04.08  
CCNY: Ineffable conference							11.07
Columbia GSAPP: Action Cut MicroCut conference				10.07
FIU Miami: ‘Geometry, Code, Time’						01.07  
Cornell: Temporalism conference 						03.07
Columbia GSAPP: Keller & Diaz Alonso in conversation			08.06
Pratt:  ‘The State of Architecture’ lecture					04.05
Architectural Association: ‘Drift Cinema: Rehearsals for the Multitude’		02.05
La Sapienza Rome:  Becoming Architect, XXI Century  lecture		01.05
NJIT: ‘Thinking Time: Materialist Digital Practice’				11.04
SCI-Arc: ‘Recent Work, a.CHRONO & AUM’					02.04
Columbia GSAPP:  ‘time, ethics, intelligence’					08.03
Universitat Internacional de Catalunya, BCN: ‘time and topology’		09.02 
Harvard Film & Arch series: ‘Dark City: dream catchers and free will’         	11.01 
Pratt: ‘on endlessness: a reprise’   						04.01
LaSalle Arch. School, Univ. Ramon Llull BCN: ‘complex time’     		02.01 
Columbia GSAPP: ‘complex time, ethics, and invention’   			07.99
Parsons  &  Univ. of Pennsylvania: ‘toward an ethology’    			02.98   
Rensselaer Polytechnic:  ‘savage practices’   					02.97   
Iowa State & Ohio State Schools of Arch: ‘cinematic thresholds’   		02.95
Rice School of Architecture: ‘straylight recent work’   				03.94   
Columbia GSAPP: ‘event surfaces, moving sections, timing‘ 			11.93

SitREP, summer workshop, NYC: ‘Massive Addressability’			08.13
Arts, Letters, Numbers, summer program: ‘Politics of Time’			08.13
Sound/Architecture, Cooper Union,  lecture and panel			10.12
InfluencerCon, NYC, panelist							10.12
White Heat White Light, Cooper Union, seminar lecture			02.11
Landscape Futures, Los Angeles, lecture					01.11
Home Room Salon: ‘The Future of Knowledge:  AUM Studio work’		01.10  
Drawing Center: Power of Art   symposium					07.09     
SCI-Arc: MediaSCAPES symposium						03.09     
Pratt [undergrad history]: ‘agentCODE & Byzantine Iconoclasms’		11.06   
SCI-Arc:   MAK REDUX symposium						11.06     
The New School:     Media Space | Public Space  symposium			05.06
Columbia GSAPP:  Water: The Biggest Issue in Global Design moderator	02.06
New Museum NYC:    Computing the Future moderator			11.05
Columbia GSAPP [joint studio lectures]: ‘Cinema and Architecture of Horror’ 	03.05
Architectural Association London:   Drift Cinema workshop   			02.05
Columbia GSAPP film series: on Leone’s  ‘Once Upon a Time in the West’	06.04
Columbia GSAPP:   State of Architecture C21   panel respondent	  	03.03
Nomads + Residents:   Urban Genetics, Gaming + Networks  speaker 	01.03
Princeton, Built lectures:  Hypnagogue   					04.01
SVA: Beyond Form roundtable for Lusitania Press				02.01
NYU: Art and Architecture in the Space of Media panel				03.00
SVA: Toward an Understanding of Interaction panel				04.97

as author/editor
KINO-MIND: Networks, Cinema and Architecture			[forthcoming]
Leper Creativity: Cyclonopedia Symposium					2011
	ed. E. Keller, N. Masciandaro, E. Thacker
CHRONOMORPHOLOGY, Columbia Books on Architecture  			2004
as contributor
The Digital Dionysus						     [forthcoming 2014]
     Nietzsche and the Network Centric Condition, ed. N. and D. Mellamphy
Mas D’Enric Prison, Doing Time						2014
Not Nature, TARP, On Architecture’s Use and Abuse of [Models of] Life		2012
Leper Creativity, …Or, Speaking with the Alien, a Refrain…			2012
John Gerrard [monograph on artist], Ruin Time essay				2011
Pulsation, …We Found More Than One… essay co-authored with B. Bratton	2011
Ineffable,  conference proceedings, Speaking with the Alien paper		2010
Research Practice,  symposium proceedings, By the Bootstraps paper		2009
Autogenic Structures,  Routledge, Topological Ethics essay			2008
4 Lines,  merz & solitude, Form Thought Manifolds essay			2006
Beyond Form,  Lusitania, conference proceedings and essay			2004
The State of Architecture…21st Century,  CBA, GSAPP conference		2003
Encyclopedia of Postmodernism, Routledge, bio entry on B. Tschumi		2000
Transarchitectures, Ed Keller  + atelier CHRONOTOPE- recent work  		1998
Cutting Edge Web Design, Hypnagogue - featured website    			1998
Reversible Destiny: Arakawa and Gins, Guggenheim, 4 Architects		1997	

eVolo_05: Architecture Xenoculture, E. Keller interview			2012
Parsons re:D, New Bodies: No Limits to Design? 				2011
A+U   2010:05    #476:  AUM Studio MAK competition				2010
PRAXIS #10: Fugitives in the Atemporal Present				2008
AD Collective Intelligence in Design: Agent Intellects				2006
ZAPP:  GONZO, A Panegyric for Hunter S. Thompson				2005
RAM [Reapproaching New Media]:  Architecture, Time, Geological Drift		2003
ZAPP: Complex Time, Ethics, and Invention					2003
OTTAGONO  PLAY:  Ludic Visions of Virtual Architecture			2002
AD  Versioning:  versioning, time, and design culture    		           	2002
SPACE  0204:    a.CHRONO  Recent Work				   	2002
SCROOPE [Cambridge Arch. Journal]: a.BIO+ and k.d.Lab 	   		2001
ARCHITECTURE: GSAPP, Digital Architecture, Ed Keller  	 		2000
PARPAINGS: interview on GSAPP Digital Studios   				2000
AD Contemp. Processes in Architecture: atelier CHRONOTOPE		2000
PRECIS #14:  Toward an Ethics of Material Intelligence 				1997
Gendai Shisou, Vol. 24-10: Arakawa and Gins: Why Ethics?  			1996
aNY  #13: Architecture: Sites of Reversible Destiny, book review  		1996
assemblage # 26: Computer Animisms, with Greg Lynn FORM  		1995
aNY  #5 & #10:  Mech in Tech participant, Movement in Climbing		94-95
Metropolis: The Art of Imprisonment  prisons project with Jim Casebere     	1994
Wired #1.4: Electrotecture with Studio AEM					1993
AD #100:  Whether Conditions with Studio AEM 				1992

Film Philosophy: The Reinvention of Self and World				06.05
ArchRecord2: Ed Keller, Game Designer					2003
basilisk: founder - editor - contributing writer - designer				1994 - 2003
Leonardo Electronic Almanac, Vol. 4 #12, Hypnagogue			1996
Leonardo Electronic Almanac, Vol. 3 #7, Cinematic Thresholds		1995

GDNYU-  Elsewhere Envisioned, NYU	SUTURE Installation		05.11
EXPERIMENTA [Lisbon]: AUM Studio work					09.09  
Beyond Media [Firenze]: Nous Gallery, AUM Studio work			09.09 
SUTURE at FIU: HDV remix installation [EK shot/cut/sound/edit]		01.07  
MAK Center: AUM STUDIO Vertical Garden Comp., L.A. & Vienna		06.06, 11.06
TELIC and SCI-Arc Galleries: AUM STUDIO SUTURE Installation		11.05 - 01.06
iMage Firenze: GSAPP student workshop installation				11.05
Crossing Disciplines, Pratt: AUM STUDIO recent work			02.05
Beijing Biennale NY Hotspot: Time Flow Control installation			09.04
Pixel Gallery | ESC | Toronto: ORNAMENT project				02.03
The Kitchen, NYC: HYPNAGOGUE screening					07.99
iMage | architettura in movimento Firenze: HYPNAGOGUE			12.97
ISEA 97 , Art Institute of Chicago: HYPNAGOGUE        			09.97
Bennington &  Rensselaer Polytechnic: Faculty shows  			1997

MAK Center: Vertical Garden Competition [AUM Studio]			2006

UIA National Award, Portugal: Celebration of Cities Comp. [AUM Studio]	2004
First Prize: A House for Andrei Tarkovsky [AUM Studio]				2003
Honorable Mention: Superstructure Competition [Straylight]			1993

Greg Lynn Form									07.93 - 09.95
  Cardiff Bay, Yokohama and Cabrini Green competitions	
   Artists Space exhibit @ basilisk : web site design    	   			 		
Straylight Imaging and Design
  Superstructure + Whether Conditions (with Sean Daly / AEM)   	 	08.92, 09.93
   Shinkenjiku School of Arch. competition (with Sean Daly)     			06.92
Paola Iacucci Architect
   Copenhagen library/opera, Berlin Spandau competitions	 		05.92, 07.93

Kunio Kudo Architect
   Hikone town center & House for Erik Satie competitions   		             1994 
Jim Casebere
   prisons project: CGI merged with photographs of prison typologies   	  	09.93 - 04.94
Eisenman Architects
   Max Reinhardt Haus, Berlin   					          	11.92
Ed Mills Associates / Perkins & Will
   Police Building competition, NYC				        	  	10.92

Nikken Sekkei International [NYC] 						08.90 - 06.91
 drafting / models / DD models and drawings	          			
Bernard Tschumi Architects [NYC]						03.91
drafting, Kyoto Station competition			           		

HYPNAGOGUE : an Ocurix Films production
 multimedia CDROM / installation, in collaboration with Perry Hall   		1995 - 1999

musician, sound designer, screenwriter, digital filmmaker	
Gesture/Infrastructure HDV piece [SUTURE installation edit]

rockclimber / boulderer							1981- present	
2014: climbing  5.11 trad, 5.12 sport / V6 & the occasional V8 / 5.13a		2009-14
   Energizer [5.13a RP 2009] 
   Jackson Pollack, Illustrious Buddha, Funny Killer [V8 blocs 2009-12]
NY State licensed professional climbing guide					1989 – 94
U.S. World cup climbing team, ranked 8th in USA				1990

Notable sport & trad one-pitch ascents	 				1985-89
Journey to Ixtlan [5.12a trad onsight], Dreamin’ [5.12a onsight]
Pig Pen [5.12b onsight], Chain Reaction [5.12c RP 3rd go], 
Public Enemy [5.12d RP], The Surfer [5.12d RP first ascent]  
Acid Crack [5.12d TR], Love Muscle [5.12d TR], Ecstas [5.13a RP], 
Survival [5.13a TR], Clairvoyance [5.13b TR]
RuinTime [5.13c TR first ascent], Colors [5.13d TR second ascent]
Many US trad multipitch ascents		 				1982 - 86
Naked Edge [III, 5.11b, age 17]
Chouinard Herbert [V 5.11c, age 18, led crux pitches]
Freeblast [IV, 5.11b, age 19], Middle Cathedral North Buttress [V, 5.10]	
Astroman [V, 5.11+, led all pitches], Rostrum [IV, 5.12b, led all pitches] 
onsight free solos up to 5.10a [Little Sheba, Peruvian Flake]			1980s
onsight rope solos include Book of Solemnity [5.10a]				1984