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so far we have received some very nice mail about basilisk. Please get in touch and let us know whass up!

FROM jon@kzsu.Stanford.EDU Fri May 5 20:51:51 1995
TO: mantis (ed keller)
DATE: Fri, 5 May 1995 17:51:54 -0700 (PDT)
i am severely impressed with basilisk! i have added a link from the uwi 'hot & cool' list, and also have made a link from my blade runner page to the internal essay on br.

wow. so, while you (as you say) dont have quay stuff, you have done me a service in pointing yourselves out! do drop back in once in a while and check up on the quay/svankmeyer pages on my site also. i am off to check out more of your stuff. best,
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FROM (Mark A. Templin) Fri May 5 14:33:14 1995
TO: root

In reply to an earlier message to a friend of mine, Stephen Buchmann, concerning your SwervePage...

All I have to say is that the design is _great_. I have never seen such an interesting, eye-catching, neuvo-spartan form on the Web until now. If you were trying to achieve ambiguity, you did. Actually, I don't have any idea _what_ it was I logged into (ie. what the focus of the page is or why it's there). What I gathered just by surfing around is that Swerve/basilisk is a kind of collection of graphic artwork (and excellent artwork at that) by various authors. Or is it a magazine? Perhaps that is one of the downfalls.

Other than to just say that it is really cool, your site caught my eye and is now one of my treasured bookmarks. Being an artist myself, it was a breath of fresh air. I hope to design my own homepage soon and flaunt my alleged talents... The only arena I've had so far is the GEARS homepage at work where I vary the homepage style every month. Your style is very intriguing.
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