NOVEMBER 14, 199

PRESS CONTACTS | Cynthia Davidson/Ernest Pascucci, (212) 989-2221
ANY 16 is an exploration of the many meanings of the concept whiteness. What is whiteness? What connotations does the term carry? What is its history in 20th-century architecture? What is its history outside architectural discourse? How does the recent turn in critical race theory, labor history, and postcolonial studies toward theorizing white identity open up questions of race, ethnicity, sexuality, and power in architecture and urban studies? How do we relate critical thinking on whiteness to architecture, a discourse rife with statements about white buildings, white cities, white walls, and white paint? To celebrate the release of "WHITENESS," Dutch critic Wouter Vanstiphout will give a reading at the Guggenheim Museum Soho, 575 Broadway (corner of Broadway and Prince Street) on Thursday, November 14, at 6:30 p.m. followed by a reception. ANY 16 will be on sale at a reduced price of $8 for this event. Contents: Ernest Pascucci, "White Forms, Forms of Whiteness" * Jean-Louis Cohen and Monique Eleb, "The Whiteness of the Surf: Casablanca" * Emily Apter, "The Landscape of Photogeny: Morocco in Black and White" * Jennifer Bloomer, "An Achromatic Color of Maximum Lightness, the Complement or Antagonist of Black" * Silvia Kolbowski, "Centerfold" * Mabel Wilson, "Black Bodies/White Cities: Le Corbusier in Harlem" * Wouter Vanstiphout, "Richard Meier in Holland: Black and Whiteness" * Mark Linder, "Entropy Colorized: The Gray Decades, 1966-96" * Dennis Ortiz, "Jack's Underground" * Arjun Appadurai, "Off-White" ANY is published six times a year by the Anyone Corporation, a not-for-profit architectural think tank that has been called "one of the most ambitious and adventurous projects in the history of architecture." The name ANY reads both as something undecidable (any magazine) and as an acronym for Architecture New York. In its pages architects, critics, theorists, artists, and others address architectural issues bearing on contemporary culture. Future issues include Forget Fuller?, Dutch Moral Modernism, and Public Fear, which is the subject of a January 24-25, 1997, symposium, the first of a series of public seminars to take place at the Guggenheim Museum every January, May, and October. ANY's striking design by the New York studio 2x4 has also brought it international acclaim. Subscriptions to ANY are $45 for six issues in the U.S. and $65 abroad. The magazine is also distributed internationally at selected bookstores.