This page links to the animations produced as design, analysis and presentation documents for the Urban Cuttlefish and Unconfigured Subject projects. © Ed Keller 1993-1995. All these files are flattened movies that have been compressed with stuffit and binhexed.

1- cutlnavigator: This loop takes you over, under and through
the urban cuttlefish.

2- cutloop study: an earlier study of the same project.

3- cutlplan: several rendered frames slicing plans through the project.

4- timaeus: a time-use analysis for the cuttlefish project. 24 frame loop.

5- levitinterior: this loops through the detourned levitloft project.

6- levitorbit: this flies around the levitloft and encounters unexpected programmes.Try looping this one and watching the rhythms develop over 10-15 cycles.

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